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About Us

If you haven’t noticed already, we love splashbacks! We love the way they transform your kitchen, the way they can be personalised to create a totally unique look and the way they can be coordinated with everything from your kettle and toaster to your chopping boards.

At, we’ve created an exciting range of the most popular colours and the best designer splashbacks, all available to ensure a perfect fit in your kitchen.

We want to make the process of choosing, buying and then installing a new splashback as simple and easy as possible and to achieve this, we insist on the following:


We only use 6mm toughened safety glass, which is strong, durable and won’t crack or smash. Each splashback is a work of art and the process of creating it requires skilled people making each item by hand.



The vast majority of our splashbacks are available in 2 sizes plus a sample size. Made from toughened glass, we strongly advise against cutting our splashbacks to size as this will weaken the overall structure of the item.



Our driving principles of quality, craftsmanship and simplicity extend to everything we do. From the ease with which your splashback can be fitted to how easy it is to clean and the care we take to protect it in transit to you.


Our innovative Peel, Stick & Seal technology™ ensures that your splashback is installed quickly and safely and looks great on your wall within the shortest possible time.



All you ever need to clean our splashbacks is warm, soapy water and nothing else.



We are very proud of the fact that our splashbacks are manufactured here in the UK. The UK has some of the best technology in the world when it comes to the manufacturing of glass splashbacks so why go anywhere else?



Each splashback is shipped with care in its own protective packaging to ensure you receive the product in perfect condition.