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On-trend Fluted Clear Glass splashbacks

On-trend Fluted Clear Glass splashbacks

Fluted Clear glass splashbacks are stylish, sophisticated and accentuate light making any kitchen or bathroom space feel brighter and more spacious. NEW to the market, these splashbacks are as decorative as they are practical.

Beauty of Fluting

‘Reeded’ or ‘fluted’ glass has a rich history, first emerging during the Art Nouveau period in the late 1800’s and subsequently popularised in the mid-20th Century.

Fluted glass creates vertical vector lines, a technique often used in interior design to make a space seem taller and larger. Helping diffuse and disperse light, fluted glass is highly versatile and can easily elevate a space. It’s one of the many go-to options for interior designers as it adds a textural element to any room and continues to gain popularity due to its many uses in modern interior design.

Recent Resurgence

Fluted glass has seen a recent resurgence in home interiors especially in cabinetry, screens, lighting and accessories. It adds a unique and understated design feature to spaces, including the kitchen or bathroom. Splashbacks provide a practical solution above a sink, basin, hob or range. The addition of a Fluted Clear glass splashback, however, also adds a perceived sense of decoration - moving the kitchen or bathroom away from a functional, into a stylish interior space.

Design Led Solution

Today, design in the home is as important as practicality. Fluted Clear glass splashbacks are pre-drilled and come with a choice of eight different decorative cap finishes (Black, Brass, Bronze, Brushed Brass, Brushed Chrome, Chrome, Copper, or Satin) ensuring they match taps, handles and other kitchen or bathroom hardware and accessories.

Simple and cost-effective, Fluted Clear glass splashbacks are manufactured in Britain from high quality 4mm toughened glass, and are available in three sizes: 600mm x 250mm x 4mm, 600mm x 750mm x 4mm and 900mm x 750mm x 4mm.

... and finally, Fluted Clear splashbacks are reusable. Remove splashback, redecorate wall, and reapply. A more sustainable choice.

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